n the Asian session, the Australian ASX200 index fell by 0.17%, the Chinese Shanghai index fell by 1.10%, while the Japanese Nikkei index rose by 1%, and among the European session indices by the beginning of today’s trading, the German DAX index fell by 0.27%, the Euro STOXX600 index fell by 0.62%, and the British FTSE index also fell by 0.33%.

Observing the markets, we find that they have not yet made clear or large movements during the day, as there is nothing during trading hours that makes them jump to a certain direction.

One of the key events that the markets are waiting for tomorrow is the release of the US Consumer Price Index report, which is one of the reports that experts rely on to assess the level of inflation in the country, and from this perspective it is possible to know the extent to which monetary policy needs to raise interest rates to control inflation, and for this reason this indicator is important for policy makers in the Federal reserve in the United States.

In the currency market, the US dollar index has risen somewhat, but remains moving at the same levels as previous weeks, currently at 101.28 against a basket of major currencies.

The pound sterling rose against the US dollar, and is now recording a price of $1.2620, and today is the fourth consecutive day in which it moves at its highest level in almost a year, and on Thursday the Bank of England announces the interest rate decision. Bank of England policy makers tend to expect to raise interest rates, and so we understand that central banks in several major countries are still facing the current waves of inflation and seeking to control them.

In the metals market, gold has long remained near historic resistance levels, and last week it reached $2,085 an ounce, thus approaching its all-time high, and this indicates that investors are sticking to it as there has not yet been a clear end to the banking crisis.

Silver is now at $25.82 an ounce, copper at $3.90, while platinum is moving around $1,085